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Nominated Candidate for
Toastmasters International Director Region 9

Kimberly's Toastmasters (2).png

Who is Kimberly?

Being an authentic leader is essential to building trust with those around me and creating a safe space for everyone to feel heard and be part of the solution. I create opportunities for collaboration to identify creative strategies. 

My Life Purpose:

I help to create a safe space for people so that THEY can dare to dream and achieve the impossible.

Kimberly delivering her PQD campaign speech (using the hockey stick as her cane) 2 months after her ski accident

KD speaking_edited.jpg
  • After my life theatening ski accident a lot of important people in my life helped me out, but I will never forget the support I received from the Toastmasters community. It made me believe more in this great team.

  • I believe the Toastmasters community can unite and overcome any challenge.

  • I would be honoured to contribute to the board and use my background and skills to pave the path to a brighter future.

  • I see a future for Toastmasters where we are truly a global community, we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

My Story

I’ll never forget that night I woke up screaming in excruciating pain. I panicked, looking around the hospital room and realizing this nightmare was real. I started to remember the ski accident: the shock, the cries for help, and the caring paramedics. 


The doctor's words still rang in my ears, “we need to get your leg operated on immediately…we hope you will walk again….” My life had turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

Then something beautiful happened. Love came pouring in from all over, including my beloved Toastmasters family. I realized I am not alone, I am part of a bigger purpose, and I will walk again.

Many tears of frustration ensued in the following days and weeks as I took painful steps toward my dreams. I learned that life is about enjoying the journey and that we can achieve amazing things together.

Kimberly rehabilitating her leg after her accident

Kimberly snow.PNG

Kimberly opening her Division Speech contest thanking her team for stepping up to run the contest during her recovery

Kimberly wheelchair.PNG

Our world is waking from its slumber into a new reality.

We seek purpose and desire to connect in new ways at a deeper level. Our beloved Toastmasters organization has the ingredients needed to be the catalyst our world is looking for, but we will need to adapt our ways.

Working together with the board, our staff, and all our members, we need to leverage our precious resources more effectively.

With targeted strategies that will meet the needs of each segment, we serve, developing a new structure for district leadership and recognition that motivates members to succeed will help us build toward a stronger future.

I look forward to bringing my creative, strategic mindset skills as a Finance executive, and resilience in my recent experience with overcoming adversity in my role as an International Director for Region 9.

  • We need to listen to the community to understand your challenges and proposed solutions.

  • I bring to the table 20+ years of professional experience in Finance & Operations, 15 years of progressive leadership in Toastmasters.

  • I have the ability to see the business of Toastmasters through the eyes of a member. It would be an honour to represent your voice.

Where I see the Organization in the Future

I see a future where our beloved Toastmasters organization evolves to becoming a truly global community and our brand is synonymous with authentic communication which produces inspiring leaders of the future.

Kimberly's Toastmasters (7).png

Global Community

Unleash the power of our global community, where our members realize our full potential, solve current challenges together, develop consolidated leading educational content, leveraging the creativity and talent of our members as we are truly Stronger Together.

Dando un discurso

Inspiring Leaders

With active recruiting and leadership mentoring skills to identify aspiring leaders, effective training that focuses on key leadership skills (strategy, planning, delegation, etc), think tanks that encourages leaders to collaborate globally, and develop a leadership structure that recognizes experience/capability while reducing conflict.

Kimberly's Toastmasters (9).png

Strong Foundation

Where our tenured and high performing members are well recognized and provided advanced options to continue their personal growth and contribute towards the growth of our global community.

Kimberly's Toastmasters (10).png

Emerging Needs Met

Adapting our Program to Meet Emerging Needs in the Market – finding new revenue sources particularly in the areas of revamping programs for corporations and sponsorships will build brand value and relevance while increasing our ability to support our members globally.

Support Corner

Here are some resources that I want to share with you hoping that you will find them useful and support you in your professional or personal journey.

Naturally Developing a Speech.png
Pathways Accelerator.png
How to Build a Vibrant Club.png
Evaluation 101.png
Building a Successful Corporate Club.png

My Toastmasters Journey

2021-2022: D61 IPDD & DLC Chair

2020-2021: D61 District Director

2019-2020: D61 Program Quality Director

2018-2019: D61 Division Director


2013-2014: D61 District Treasurer (Finance Manager)

- Multiple applicants for all elected positions (4 CGD nominated).

- Recruited and trained a FULL DEC team 6 weeks following election.

- Resilience Award for leadership during COVID.

- Rolled out “Pathways Accelerator” workshops.
- First in the world to run a successful, fully bilingual (English/French) online District Conference.

- Excellence in Program Quality Award.


- Recruited club coaches for all eligible clubs.
- Designed & piloted “Pathways Accelerator” workshop.

– Designed financial tools to enable district leadership to understand financial impacts of business decisions.

Kimberly speecj.PNG







Owner of KDAL Dream Stays (Airbnb Investing business)

Director, Finance Transformation Lead, Canada Post Corp – Designing the Learning Journey, Communications & Change Management Strategies for the mindset shift of the Finance team (500+ in the organization) to Strategic Finance Business Partner


Director, Contract Management Internal Control, Canada Post Corp – Designed & implemented a new contract management governance process; recognized by World Commerce & Contracting Association for Best in Class Innovation

Director, Finance Operations Decision Support, Canada Post Corp – Designed analytics models & process improvement to support financial planning, performance measurement, and business strategy; recognized by clients for “Best Operations Support Enabler – 2018”

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